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Welcome to a leading Internet supplier of specialty scissors, shears & tools. specializes in quality, innovative scissors & cutting tools by Acme United, Clauss, and Westcott. This includes a complete line of scissors & tools for crafts, scrapbooking, sewing, hobbies, children, floral shears, kitchen, specialty, and left handed scissors. offers a satisfaction guaranteed, low $2.95 same day shipping for your entire order, secure ordering, and privacy of your personal information. If you don't find the type of scissors you are looking for, contact us at 1 (800) 856-8731, and we will find them for you.

Below you will find some of the terminology of the features and techniques used to manufacture ACME, Clauss, and Westcott scissors. These high quality characteristics make our scissors the best scissors you can buy.

Precision Ground

Acme uses knowledge, skills and methods developed since 1869, combined with the latest equipment available to precision grind the various surfaces on its scissors and shears to exacting standards.

Hot Forged

Many manufacturers have abandoned hot-forged steel for less expensive processes. Shears and scissors made from low grade steel, which is stamped, cast, or cold-forged Into shape, usually mean a less reliable product.Rods or strips of steel are heated in a furnace, then forged in a drop hammer into the desired shape. This is an expensive process, but it is recognized as the best method to produce quality tools.


The rings on shears or scissors which you put your fingers through. They help you grip the tools, open and close them with one hand, and should be comfortable and form-fitting. Our bows are especially designed for each style of scissors and tools to make them best-suited to your needs.


The art of assembling two blades and making them cut their full length properly is one of the most difficult to master, and it is this art that immediately distinguishes our scissors over others. Our scissors and cutting tools provide a long, smooth uniform cut, snug yet effortless, all the way to the tips.


The "run" is the "feel" you get when you cut with a pair of scissors or shears. A "good run" gives you an even, clean cut for the full length of the blade without hesitation or roughness. We fine tune the run for our shears and scissors to give you the best performance and feel available.

Certified Double-Plated

Double-plated hot-forged tools using nickel for luster and chrome for durability, ensuring you a product that is rust and stain resistant. Other companies often only nickel plate their scissor blades. Our process costs us more, but ensures you a product with maximum service life.

High Carbon Cutlery Grade Steel

Quality tools start with quality steel. The more carbon in the steel, the longer the life of the tool.

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3" Pink/Purple Titanium Craft Detail Scissors
3" Pink/Purple Titanium Craft Detail Scissors
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Titanium Gift Wrap Paper Cutter
8" Pink/Purple Titanium Straight Shears
8" Pink/Purple Titanium Straight Shears
8" Pink/Purple Titanium Straight Shears
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Titanium Bonded Hand Held Rotary Cutter
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9" Kleen Earth Straight Handle
9" Kleen Earth Straight Handle
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8" Straight Handle Scissors, 2 Pack
8" Straight Handle Scissors, 2 Pack
Camillus 8.25" Carbonitride Titanium Folding Knife
Camillus 8.25" Carbonitride Titanium Folding Knife
Camillus 8.25" Carbonitride Titanium Folding Knife
E-Z Open Scissors & Box Opener
E-Z Open Scissors & Box Opener
E-Z Open Scissors & Box Opener
Clauss Snapper Wire Cutters
August 14, 2014
20+ yrs of Perfect Flush Cuts
I'm on my 9th or 10 pair of these... Not because they've ever broken or failed :) They have simply migrated out of MY tools & off into the black hole of framily tool boxes. 1st of all my Niece has been using hers for Country Yard art projects... My sister for crafting Silk Flowers & Seasonal Wreaths... My kids take them camping along with spools of wire for what my Dad would've called "bailing wire fixes" for most everything that Duct tape won't work on. When they are done camping they unwind the wire & bring it home for me to reuse as a Wire Doodle... kinks and all. :D I have used them for cutting so many many varieties of wire, much of which has been recycled. Copper, Silver & Enameled Copper, 14ga - 30ga, in round, half-round, square, twisted multi-strand round & twisted square shapes. Titanium, Niobium, Stainless Steel & Silicon Bronze (which are harder to cut) in smaller gauges of round such as 20ga - 26ga. I have gotten consistent cuts with little loss of metal, chipping of enamel, no kinking, or deformation of the wire ends & they are smooth enough I rarely have to deburr the ends for soldering on handmade, closed, jump rings.
Cat, Seattle, WA
4" Titanium Bonded Thread Snip
June 26, 2014
These are great
I am professional seamstress and use these every day. I am ordering 2 more pair so I can have them at each work station.
Jan, Michigan
Fiskars Stork Embroidery Scissors 3-1/2"
December 4, 2013
NOT Fiskars!
These scissors are not manufactured by Fiskars, but by Minnetonka Cutlery. They are made in China. I contacted Fiskars directly, and they told me that they have no relationship with CutWorks (the brand name on the package), nor with Minnetonka Cutlery.
shenmen, Savannah, GA
Verified Buyer
8 1/4" Poultry Shears - Left Handed
October 12, 2013
I mostly use these to prepare food for my hawk. They are super sharp and help me get the job done fast!
falconermomma, Bentonville, AR
Fiskars Softgrip Left-Handed 5" Kids Scissors
September 19, 2013
Left handed scissors
Thank you for sending me what I ordered!!! You did not just send me some scissors like another company did and then tell me it was what I ordered. This item is not usually a request but you contacted me in a timely fashion and told be they were on back order and then when they would be shipped. THANKS
ELizabeth, North carolina
Verified Buyer
8" Double Plated Ribbon Shears
August 29, 2013
They are as advertized.I would have given them 5 stars if they were 10".I have owned a pair of 10" scissors for about 40 years,and they are still sharp and have not had to be sharpened.The 10" size better suits my needs and I would have purchased them if they were available.
Bob, Wilbraham,Ma.
Verified Buyer
5" Electrician's Scissors
August 26, 2013
Has a multitude of uses
Found this to be useful in cutting a variaty of items from wire to leather.
The Old Scout, Mobile, AL
Verified Buyer
8 Piece School Tool Kit
August 26, 2013
Not what I expected...
This is not a standard-sized set. All of the items are about half the normal size. I'm pretty disappointed that this was not stated in the description. I bought two for my girls and now I have to buy everything again, because these won't qualify as school supplies.
Mom, TX
4" Titanium Straight Embroidery Scissors
August 19, 2013
Good buy
I just received these scissors, so can't speak to their long-term durability, but they look and feel like good quality. They are sharp and feel like good quality when I use them.
Hobbyest, Frisco, TX
Verified Buyer
2.5" Titanium Fine Cut Sewing Scissors
August 19, 2013
Good scissors
I just received the scissors so can't speak to durability, but they seem to be well made and like they will wear well. They are sharp and have a feel of quality in my hand when used.
Hobbyist, Frisco, TX
Verified Buyer
Clauss Stem Stripper Patch
August 6, 2013
Not as good as metal stem stripper
The metal stripper works much more efficently and for less money.
Family florist, North Dakota
Verified Buyer
7" Corsage Snip
July 31, 2013
Our family owns a floral shop. Our designers use these snips until they wear them out!! Good product.
Florist, Georgia
Verified Buyer
7" Muscle Shears
July 15, 2013
Strange Scissors
They have relatively short blades. One blade is rounded at the end like child safety scissors. They are difficult to use, the shape and angle of the handles and blades is uncomfortable, difficult to get the short round blade under the material you are cutting, can't see what you are doing with the blade, peculiar design.
faxon, Chicagoland
Verified Buyer
Fiskars Cuts+More Scissors
July 1, 2013
Great product, love that it comes apart
Can't say enough good things about this item!
Markell, Vancouver, canada
Verified Buyer
8" Paramedic Bandage Shears
June 22, 2013
Boxing Coach
One item no professional boxing coach should be without.
GTC, Denver, Colorado
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